Autumn wish list

Autumn wish list

1. Checked dress – Zara
2. Kitty flats – Charlotte Olympia
3. Swallow jumper – Alexander McQueen
4. Skirt – Oscar de la Renta
5. Candle – Yankee Candle
6. Lipstick – M.A.C Indulge
7. Lego clutch – Chanel

The change of season often means a drop in temperature,  leaves losing their lives (they do have feelings, I don’t care what you say!) and time to update the wardrobe. This is what I’m wishing for this autumn.  Sadly, as I have chosen many designer pieces at hundreds and thousands of pounds, most of these items will stay in my wish list and not end up in my shopping list. But, hey, my half birthday is coming up if anyone’s feeling generous?!

I fell in love with the Alexander McQueen jumper when I saw a picture of Cara Delevinge wearing it, leaving Heathrow airport. She wears McQueen jumpers on flights…I wear jogging bottoms and old comfy tees – definitely the same thing!

Almost every fashion blogger has the black Charlotte Olympia kitty flats – except me (let the pity party commence!) However if I were to get a pair, they would be these gorgeous dark green velvet ones. Totally in love!

Autumn, is the green light to start wearing dark lipsticks colours again. I love dark shades on lips and am forever growing my collection. M.A.C lipsticks never disappoint so this is one I may just have to add to the make up bag.

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