Pastel Wish list

I have finally learnt how to use Polyvore (thanks to work!), so here’s another wish list for you! It’s all very fun to create little collages of things I wished I had, but not so good for my poor bank balance, as some of these items may have magically transformed their way into my shopping bag. I have no idea how. I suspect Nargles are behind it*.

I have thrown in a few Topshop items here, as I won a £200 Topshop voucher and a Nokia Lumia 925 phone from a summer outfit competition that the fabulous blogger Natalie Hughes did a few weeks ago. I chose this outfit for my entry and gladly found out that I had won! Woo hoo, thank you Natalie!

  1. Topshop Fluffy Swing Boyfriend Coat
  2. ASOS Weather Stack Ring Pack
  3. Moschino iPhone Case
  4. Lulu Guinness Lips Clutch
  5. Mulberry Willow Clutch
  6. Roberts Radio
  7. Topshop Knitted Angora Fluffy Jumper

*Harry Potter reference, just in case any Muggles are reading this and are puzzled!


About Ashumi

20-something year old, born & bred in London. Likes roaming around museums, baking cakes and strongly believes in the power of retail therapy.
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