A royal day out

buckingham palace

To say that I am a royalist is perhaps an understatement. I am the biggest, fattest, (don’t agree because that’s just mean!) greatest, royal family fan ever! So when we have things like the Diamond Jubilee, royal wedding, royal baby or Queenie jumping out of a helicopter at the Olympics, the excitement I feel is on par with the excitement on Christmas Eve (another one of my obsessions). Therefore, when they announced that the Queen’s Coronation exhibition was showing at Buckingham Palace for one year only, I could not miss this opportunity. We bought a ‘Royal Day Out’ ticket which means you get to see the Queen’s Gallery, the Royal Mews and the State Rooms.

The Queen’s Gallery is where the portraits of previous Monarchs and other interesting people are kept (I did pay attention – promise!) It’s worth going if you like history and art…obviously. The Royal Mews is where the royal carriages are, including the amazing State Carriage, which was used in the Queen’s Coronation. Don’t you just want to touch it?DSC_0219



Horse stables

We then visited the State Rooms inside Buckingham Palace, and although I did not meet the Queen (BFG anyone?!) I did get to see her amazing Coronation gown, the Throne Room, the gardens and even a secret passageway door (how cool is the Queen!!). Taking pictures was not allowed in this part, but I took a very sneaky snap on my phone, which I Instagrammed. I have never felt more like a criminal!

After all of that sight-seeing, we stopped at the Royal Garden Café for some food. Who can’t resist a cheesecake with a little chocolate crown on top?!

A great royal day out, thanks Queenie!








blazer and necklace – H&M | top and jeans – Topshop | bag – Mulberry

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3 Responses to A royal day out

  1. Tulsi says:

    Love a little bit of Queenie! Cheesecake looks delicious =P

  2. Kylie says:

    awww lovely photos 🙂 I love the Royal family too! I get really angry when anyone says we shouldn’t have them anymore x

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