Bangles, Bindis & Bollywood

weddingI may look sad in the above picture but rest assured I am not. I’m pretending that I am in a Bollywood movie, waiting for the man of my dreams. He knows I am there as I left a cow bell on my front door, which obviously means come and rescue me from my crazy family, so we can sing and dance our troubles away. I joke!  This is what I wore to my cousin’s wedding ceremony number 2 of 7 – the mendhi party. If you’re not familiar with this it is basically a big, fat Bollywood-style party where we sing, dance and get “henna tattoos” done.






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3 Responses to Bangles, Bindis & Bollywood

  1. I wish I could look like you when I had to go to a wedding! You look absolutely stunning! *O*

  2. Tulsi says:

    Loving the hair!!

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