Wedding bells

DSC_0966Wedding season is among us. I don’t mean your average wedding, where you have one ceremony and a nice reception to follow, no, I mean Indian weddings. Very different things.

If I were to sum up Indian weddings in 3 words, they would be: stressful, painful and game-face. Here’s why…

Stressful – The stress starts right from the beginning, as in the moment the couple announce their engagement!  The reason? There are about 7 ceremonies per wedding, which means that you 7 outfits to buy, 7 matching sets of jewellery and shoes to match. That’s just the stress leading up to the wedding. The big day has stresses of it own like, arriving on time (very difficult task for me, especially at 9am on a Saturday!!).

Painful – The people that make these Indian outfits and saris clearly live by the motto, ‘beauty is pain’, because saris will leave you with aches, bruises (around your stomach!) and grazes from where you trip up on the 6 miles of material that is wrapped around you (slight exaggeration!)

Game-face – All weddings mean socialising with friends and family. Indian weddings mean being introduced to random far relatives that you can’t remember ever meeting but having to act like you know who they are and be interested in the conversation. Hence – putting your wedding game-face on!

Anyway the reason I am bringing this up is because it was my cousins wedding last weekend and I had just experienced all these stresses yet another wedding season. This was my outfit for the registry wedding (English bit) which is my favourite ceremony as you get to wear a dress!


dress – Zara | clutch – ASOS | shoes – Carvela

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3 Responses to Wedding bells

  1. That is a beautiful dress!

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