July. It’s been a busy one. I started a new internship at a children’s high end clothing website, AlexandAlexa.com and have been super busy settling in! I took a bit of a backseat with blogging for the last couple of weeks, but I am back and rearing to go! It’s just a case of getting into a routine and making the most of the lunch breaks, evenings and weekends (I am currently writing this during my lunch break. See, I can be efficient with my time!).

Anyway July consisted of…

  1. Lunch at the Bluebird Café in Chelsea. The atmosphere there is amazing during Wimbledon, as they have a screen, fake grass and massive tennis balls to get you into the spirit.
  2. A quick visit to the Natural History Museum. Obvs had to visit my buddy T-rex.
  3. Watching the Wimbledon final at the Duke of York Square in Chelsea with an obligatory glass of Pimm’s.
  4. Watermelon cake-pops that I had made for a summer BBQ.
  5. Wireless festival snap.
  6. Having a cheeky mojito in the garden. I blame Pinterest for my obsession with mason jars!
  7. Jamie’s for lunch.
  8. Taking quick OOTD pics.
  9. Pretending to be a tourist for the day and going on the London Eye.

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