This week I’m baking – Watermelon Cake-pops

watermelon cake pops

Watermelon cake pops! Disclaimer – not real watermelons, nor do they have a watermelon flavour (as many people who didn’t know what cake pops were thought! They were a little disappointed to find out that it was just cake.) No – these “wanna-be” lollipops are actually balls of cake, coated in chocolate which are (hopefully) made to resemble watermelons. Here’s how to make them:

  1. Bake a plain, Victoria sponge cake. Or if you feel like cheating (naughty!), buy a cake-mix to make life a little simpler. Add red food colouring, until the batter looks like that typical dark-pink, watermelon colour. Tip – I used the Wilton gel colouring, which I highly recommend. I used to use the Dr Oetker food colouring but each time I would use it, the cakes would taste bitter as it changes the taste of the cake batter! So avoid that brand!!
  2. Place the cake into a food processor until it’s all crumbs.
  3. Add the icing to the crumbs, bit-by-bit so you can get the right consistency of the balls.
  4. Add milk chocolate chips to each cake ball for the “seeds”.DSC_0585
  5. Leave the balls in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Melt the white candy melt in 30 second microwave blasts and add one tablespoon of vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate.
  7. Dip each stick into the white candy melt and place into each cake pop.
  8. Dip the cake pops into the candy melt and tap off any excess chocolate.DSC_0600
  9. Wait for this to dry and then dip the same cake pop into the green candy melt.DSC_0614
  10. When this is dry, paint the watermelon stripes onto the cake pops. I did this by dipping a clean, small lipstick brush (as make up is the only type of painting I do!) into the Wilton green gel colouring and painting large and small lines onto the cake pops.watermelon cake popswatermelon cake pops

    These are great for a summer BBQ, which is exactly what I made them for, but make sure you warn people that the green gel colouring goes everywhere!! I learnt this the hard way; think – kids, green colouring, gone everywhere. Oh dear! I also made ice cream cake-pops – which is another great one for the summer. Happy cake-pop making!watermelon cake pops

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