A Mad Tea Party

mad hatters tea party sanderson

To celebrate my not so un-birthday, my mum, sister and I had the afternoon tea at the Sanderson. If this sentence confuses you, then shame on you for not knowing your Disney facts and songs! Only joking please carry on reading my blog? Anyway, The Sanderson have a themed afternoon tea – The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I love afternoon tea and anything themed so I really though that this was wonderful (get it?!). It reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as everything was unique and inventive.

The menu is hidden in a vintage book and the napkins are wrapped with a riddle.IMG_2832The crockery is handmade and has fantastical images like birdcages, carousels, kings and queens.IMG_2836IMG_2839

The cakes and sweet treats include a Victoria Sponge with a clock, a mango cheesecake and a mouse, which is contained in an edible chocolate tea cup!IMG_2847Marshmallow mushrooms and carrot meringue!IMG_2850My favourite was this ‘drink me’ potion, which reveals layers of different flavours of passion fruit and coconut when sipped slowly.IMG_2848drink me potionThere was a stand of fruit jelly, which you could help yourself to. This was a nice vintage touch as the jellies were made in Victorian jelly moulds and was presented on cake trolley.IMG_2867

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