graduationbpp graduationimageIf you follow me on Instagram, you may know that on Wednesday I graduated from my degree in Law! Graduation is a strange ceremony I think. Firstly, you get to wear the gown and hat and besides looking like you belong in Hogwarts this makes you feel all clever and important. I was quite excited about wearing the hat because Vivienne Westwood designed the graduation gown for my first degree but omitted the hat – probably so everyone can avoid hat-hair! What a wise woman.

Secondly the actual ceremony is so bizarre. A load of important people parade in, including the Dean, whom you’ve never seen nor met during the whole of your degree, with this random golden sceptre. Then you have to sit through about 400 people getting their certificates and clap the whole way through. If you take a break from the clapping, you feel like a bad person for not clapping for that one person. So you brave through the sore, itchy hands (anyone else get this?) just so you don’t feel like a criminal.

I also find it funny when people ask how the graduation was. I feel like saying yes, I managed to walk on stage, shake someone’s hand and take my certificate – aren’t I clever?! But I give the polite, generic version and say – well I didn’t trip on stage so I guess it was successful *cue polite laughter*.

Anyway back to the important stuff – what I wore! For graduation I think it’s best to go for a neutral coloured dress to keep things simple and to make the gown the focus of the outfit. I wore a grey coloured dress with heels that weren’t too high (sensible me), a gold Michael Kors watch and classic red nails.

After graduation, we went to see Matilda the Musical – a must see if you’re a fan of the book or the movie like me. The movie taught me how to spell: Mrs D, Mrs I Mrs FFI, Mrs C, Mrs U, Mrs LTY. (Why are all these women married?!)

matilda musical set stage

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