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I’ve had this blog for 5 months now and it’s shocking that I haven’t done a review on an Italian restaurant yet! Italian is usually my first choice of cuisine. You can’t go wrong with a good old pizza or some lovely penne arrabiata – I often get told off by my friends for ordering the same pasta every Italian restaurant but it’s just so bloody good! However, recently I have decided to live life on the edge and venture out into fusilli or maybe even the bow shaped pasta (technical Italian term).

I went to the Venetian restaurant Polpo in Soho, which is Italian cuisine, but with a twist. Instead of the usual pizza and pasta options, the menu has pizzettes (mini pizzas), meatballs, fish and meat but the portions are small so the idea is to share around the table.

I braved it and had the pizzette with spinach and an egg on it (because margarita wasn’t on the menu!), which was surprisingly very tasty, and I definitely recommend it to all the veggies out there. For dessert I had the nutella pizza – nutella and some nuts sprinkled on a thin, crispy pizza base. It sounds weird and gross but words cannot describe how amazing this was!!

polpo nutella pizzetteAlthough very busy, the restaurant has a great atmosphere and unusual décor – the lights at the bar had little cloths on them as lamp-shades, which I’m sure is a fire disaster waiting to happen!

Shu-mazing factor – 8/10

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