Lichtenstein exhibition tate modern

Hello all!

So, I’m currently interning at a company called Freedom2explore which is a listings website for the UK. Check them out, it’s great site if you want any ideas of what you can do and see around the UK. I do their social media and blogging and through that I managed to get my hands on some press tickets for the Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate.

Now, I’m not an arty person! The closest I’ve come to becoming an artist is watching Art Attack when I was younger. I can’t even draw stick men in proportion. Anyway, I happen to know a bit about Lichtenstein, as we had to do a project on his work in Year 9. These lessons were the highlight of Art at school because instead of staring at boring bowls of fruit or landscape paintings, we studied Lichtenstein’s works which were the ultimate contrast to that – comic-strip style painting, paintings with a romantic back-story and war.

I would definitely recommend taking a trip to the Tate to see this, but if you’re like me and know nothing about Art buy a headset to avoid walking aimlessly around the pretty pictures.whaam! lichtenstein exhibition tate IMG_2388 IMG_2389IMG_2393


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2 Responses to Whaam!

  1. Kylie says:

    Oh cool, I didn’t even know about this! I also studied Lichtenstein in GCSE though. We had to do a self portrait in his style. Probably will check this out! x

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