I can’t believe it’s already May! 2013 is going super quickly so I’m glad we have Instagram to take snaps of our everyday lives so we can see what we have actually done at the end of each month. April has been a good one. I spent the majority of my time making the most of the sunshine (who knows how long it’s going to last) and visiting friends in Leeds and Plymouth. However, besides December, May is my favourite month of the year for several reasons: my birthday, the start of summer and the summer wardrobe finally makes an appearance. This May is particularly exciting because I have my graduation ceremony for my Law degree to look forward to at the end of the month. Please do not trip!!! Anyway back to April…instagram

  1. After visiting the Warner Bros. Studio Tour I had the biggest craving to re-read all the Harry Potter books, so I sat in my garden with the Philosopher’s Stone and a Fab ice-lolly.
  2. Morris dancing in Southbank for St George’s Day.
  3. The Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern. Blog post coming soon!
  4. Homemade olive bread.
  5. Beautiful Liberty.
  6. Pimms in the sunshine.
  7. Trying Butterbeer.
  8. The Hogwarts castle. I can’t get over how amazing this model was!
  9. To embarrass my friend on her birthday, we tied a Pizza Hut balloon to her wrist. The plan backfired – we got jealous of her balloon and did the same.

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Hope you all had a happy April!xx


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