You’re a wizard Harry…

So, I’ve wanted to go to the Warner Bros. Studio to check out the set of the Harry Potter movies for months and months and months and finally managed to find some tickets and go (woo!)
Let’s start off with a little disclaimer: this post will basically be me rambling on about how incredible the studios were, so apologies if this post is a little too ahhhh for you (amazing use of the English language there).
If you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, you will be gasping at everything they show you! The first jaw dropping set was the Great Hall. Now I don’t want to spoil all the surprises for you, but the way that the Great Hall is revealed is amazing. You’ll see what I mean if you go, or if you’ve been already.
the great hall dumbledore warner bros studiogreat hall warner bros studio tour The Yule Ball propsyule ball props, warner bros studio tour

The detail that went into each and every set was astonishing. The set designers and the people that actually make the sets (artists?) really put a lot of thought into them and you could tell that no short cuts were taken. For example even though the Gryffindor common room notice board never actually appeared in the movies, the set people (technical term) still got children to make posters and notices to add to the atmosphere and make the whole world seem more real.gryffindor common roomgryffindor boy's dormitory  Selfie in the Mirror of Erised…got to be done!selfie mirror of erisedDumbledore’s office. Part of his office was also filmed at my university library, Kings College London. How cool! Harry Potter claim to fame #1.dumbledore's office warner bros studio tourThe Knight Bus. I saw this being filmed for Prisoner of Azkaban in 2003. Harry Potter claim to fame #2. We watched the bus drive up and down a road for 2 hours – thrilling stuff!knight bus warner bros studio tourThe Hogwarts bridgehogwarts bridgeWhat I wore: Jumper, skirt & hat – Topshop. Top – Primark.IMG_4340A visit to the wizarding world would not be complete without tasting some of the famous Butterbeer. Verdict? Yuk! It tasted like fizzy Werther’s Original sweets and was cold- everyone knows that Butterbeer is meant to be a hot drink!butterbeer warner bros studio tour butterbeer harry potter warner bros studio tourDiagon Alleydiagon alley warner bros studio tourolivanders warner bros studio tour  One of the most amazing and memorable parts of the tour was seeing this model of the Hogwarts castle. It was so detailed and beautiful and you had the opportunity to walk around the whole model and learn more about how they filmed different shots of the castle. Wow!hogwarts castle warner bros studio tourThe last part of the tour was a re-creation of the inside of Olivanders. However, instead of ordinary wands, every wand displayed was dedicated to each person who helped make the movies. A touching tribute to end the tour.IMG_4492IMG_4499IMG_2306

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  2. Natalie says:

    I love your velvet skirt! That place looks amazing and I have had so many friend raving about how magical the whole experience was.

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