Hello Humans!!

So I thought it would be a fun little blog post to show you my month through Instragram. If you are an obsessed Instragrammer like me, make sure you follow me – @ashumi. Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 01.31.14

1) The Oreo cupcakes I made (see blog post below for the recipe).

2) As you can see I am a culprit of the typical Instragrammer, as I upload pictures of food, but who cares when the waffle looks this scrumptious! Mmmmm.

3 + 4) Valentine’s treats

5) Celebrating Pancake Day with my favourite topping…lemon, sugar and Tabasco sauce. Either I have strange taste buds or I have discovered something amazing and should apply for a patent or copyright! Nevertheless, try it!

6) Cara + Vogue + Cadbury’s mini eggs = bliss

7) Shaka Zulu times.

8) Goofing around in Primark. I kind of wish I had bought these funky sunnies.

9) Cocktail hour!

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